How to save money buying paid football predictions

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How to save money buying paid football predictions

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It is no secret that football is the most famous and most popular sport on the planet. There is nothing like it. With an average UEFA champions league game averaging a projected viewership of 80million viewers and a UEFA champions league final averaging an estimated 400million global views in 2016, it is no surprise that the stakes are high.

As a fan of the beautiful game you get invested, you buy and wear your favourite player’s jersey number, you pre-book match tickets, host viewing parties with some of your best mates, and you follow all your favourite players on Facebook and Instagram. When it comes to match day, no one better disturb you because its game on. So why not make some money off your favourite game?

Here at we help you to do just that. Football predictions and betting has become a world-wide phenomenon. If it is done right you could make a killing on football predictions. The entire process is quite simple and easy. All you need to do is get started. On our online platform, you create yourself an account by registering on You select your method of payment (our site is verified by all major card issuers and paypal) and start buying predictions for the match that catches your interest. We have a team of expert football tipsters, who will offer their proficient advice on your selected match.
How to save money buying paid football preddictions
To make sure you are putting your trust and money in the right tipster’s predictions, we have created a Tipster profile for all our tipsters, where you get to see each tipster’s success rate and yield rate. You can also buy picks
for pretty much any football event currently taking place all over the world. We don’t rush you. Start off by buying less picks, test the waters and determine your prediction strategy. Once you start gaining some momentum, you can start betting on more picks. It’s your chance to be more than a football spectator.