The future of retail expansion Bulgaria can (not) avoid

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The future of retail expansion Bulgaria can (not) avoid

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2030. Would you guess what we mean? Could be the name of a futuristic movie made decades back in time. Well, guess what – there is a film with that number n the headline, but Vietnamese one and you probably didn’t hear about it. No, not that.

Twenty-thirty might be the code phrase, to sum up, the hopes of the first landing on the Mars of human beings but that’s not our point either. By the of 2030 the profile of consumer goods trade will change completely in favor of online sales, says an article by an international consulting company. It might be the last decade to come of retail expansion Bulgaria is about to go through though commonly the global trends take effect in the country later than in Western Europe.

The future belongs to the new brands with a different attitude and interactions with the costumers, claims the prognosis. The worldwide brands will shift to the web trade with a new perspective on the importance of physical stores. The street shops will not vanish but will be dominated by custom oriented goods trying to deal with the preferences of the clients instead of offering them ready-to-wear production. From the perspective of the retail expansion, Bulgaria and many other countries would consider the 2030 option as a horror movie actually.

But what looks like a nightmare for Mr. A could be regarded as a chance for a breakthrough by Mr. B. The niche players will lead the market of the physical stores while the global trends turn their focus on the online conquering which is already happening. No one would argue that the web-based trade will continue to grow and increase its share but have in mind that predictions often happen to be not so precise, especially when the rock tries to hit the target from a distance of more than a decade. Right now regarding the retail expansion Bulgaria experience a positive momentum and the black lines are not what is seen on the horizon.